Training Videos

REALITi Training Videos

REALITi Version 5

Introduction to iSimulate Kits

Start Up

Start Camera

Chart and Engage

Control Basics

Control Events and Dials

Control Additional Features

Padcaster and Camera Basics

12 Lead ECGs

Importing Media

Zoll X Improvements

Corpuls 3 Improvements

Import ALSi scenarios into REALITi

Advanced ECG Controls

Settings Menu on Monitor

Scenario Management

CPR Controls

Review and Video Playback

REALITi Version 4 Introduction

New Settings

ALSi Training Videos

ALSi Start Up

ALSi Screen Tour

Running Scenarios on the Fly

Using Quick Picks

Advanced Quick Picks

Defib and Pacer Function

Settings Menu

Creating Scenarios

Managing Scenarios

Other Libraries


Five Top Tips

CTGi Training Videos

CTGi Introduction

Adjusting FHR

Adjusting Toco

Adjusting Maternal Parameters

Adjusting Media and Notes

Playback of Scenarios

AURiS Training Videos

AURiS Quick Start